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Promising Exhibitions in the Reopened Museum of Fine Arts

The Romanesque Hall renovated for the first time since the Second World War. Photo: Museum of Fine Arts

Following three years of reconstruction, the Museum of Fine Arts reopened last October. Guests can reclaim the entire building from mid-2019, when all the permanent exhibitions will again be visible. Meanwhile unprecedented temporary exhibitions are planned for the year.

The year 2019 will be the first time that Michelangelo’s art is brought to Budapest. Thirty of the master’s drawings will represent his work in the company of fifty other Renaissance drawings in an exhibition that hails the human body.

Triumph of the Body: Michelangelo and the art of drawing in 16th century Italy

Museum of Fine Arts, 5 April –30 June

From June the Hungarian National Gallery will host a display of surrealist paintings entitled:

The surrealist movement from Magritte to Dali: Crisis and Regeneration in 1929

Hungarian National Gallery, 27 June –20 October.

The selection of works is organized around the year 1929, a turning point in the history of the surrealist movement. The paintings come from the Paris Pompidou Centre’s rich collection, a co-organizer institution together with the Hungarian National Gallery.

Finally, Rubens and the Golden Age of Flemish Paintings show a collection of almost 120 paintings from 50 renowned museums. Without doubt, Rubens and Van Dyck will be the stars of that exhibition represented by 30 and 10 of their masterpieces respectively.

Rubens and the Golden Age of Flemish Paintings

Museum of Fine Arts, 24 October 2019 –16 February 2020

In 2012, the Museum of Fine Arts reunited with the Hungarian National Gallery meaning a return to the old (pre- 1957) division of labour between the two institutions. From now on, we will find art dating from the period before 1800 in the Museum of Fine Arts, while art after 1800 will be visible in the National Gallery, in the Castle district of Buda. The final placement of post-1800 artworks will be in the New National Gallery under construction in the Városliget (the City Park behind Heroes’ Square) to be terminated in 2021 according to the Liget Budapest Project.

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