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Ferenc Töreky - Europa Series

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

What is the Europa series of Ferenc Töreky?

The pictures of the Europa series were made by mixed technique. The use of gold paint is typical for the execution of the background, and in some cases for other details of the coloured pencil drawings. In almost every painting we can notice the use of watercolour. The blue colour dominates the drawings while yellow is the second colour most frequently used. Twelve pictures of the series were reprinted as a calendar. The rose is a recurring image throughout the cycle, as princess Europa was picking roses when Zeus, in the form of a white bull, approached her, smelling, in one version of the story, the fragrance of the flower. The eagle, another typical symbol of Zeus also appears in some pictures as above.

Ferenc Töreky (1922-2016) studied at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts under the supervision of György Konecsni, Jenő Barcsay, Gyula Hincz and Károly Koffán. He was director of the Gyula Derkovits Creative Community, and of the Hungala and Kontakta Studios, board member of the National Association of Hungarian Artists, head and honorary president of the Poster Art Foundation. He planned and illustrated many books, made art calendars and worked with glass as a painter of glass. His works were commissioned both by public and private customers.



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