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Emil Eory

Emil Eory is a modern artist successfully integrating classical sculpture with the traditional forms of folk art. His works are marked from the beginning by a diversity of styles, materials (stone, wood, bronze and iron) and an emblematically concise rendering of forms. His unique sculptures are built relying on both naturalistic (i.e. emphasizing the nature-given qualities of the material used) and abstract forms, with the aim of synthetizing the two in an individual way. His early figurative sculptures made of marble, bronze, and displaying classical beauty (Sisyphus, 1972, marble) were followed from the 1980s by abstract, cubistic forms with a strong plasticity. His wooden compositions – relying on the dynamic structure of wood – echo ancient, pre-historic times, while his abstract granite sculptures of the 2010s are modern in the sense of prefiguring the future. Despite all their non-figurative qualities, his bronze statues in the meantime show a symbolism motivated by anthropomorphism. Besides his sculptural work, his series of paintings are characterised by expressive forms and colours.

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